Thursday, May 08, 2008

Why I use Kraft paper

Hmmmm. . . why do I use Kraft paper in my journals? That's a pretty good question and bound to come up once in a while. When I started making journals earlier this year, one of the biggest decisions I had to make was what kind of paper to use. Well, I tested many kinds of paper. Some were too heavy, some not heavy enough. I tried several colors and sizes too. (I now have quite a bit of all these test papers!) My testing priorities were, "how does it feel to write on", how does it lay and fold", "is it environmentally friendly meaning recycled or partially recycled", and finally "is it cost effective?"

So I finally decided on a couple different types of paper. The first is a white 100 lb. text paper. This is a nice weight, wonderful to write on and is at least 30% recycled. I like using it for my round journals and for the odd shaped ones. The other paper I'm using more and more is plain old brown Kraft paper. It is heavyweight (75 lb.), and is really great to write on. I love the textured feel of it and all the tiny spots and splotches that make up the paper. It really has an old world feel to it. It is hands down the best paper to tear and produces a wonderful deckled edge and is very easy to cut. And also important is it's cost effectiveness. I was really searching for a great paper at a great price because it's important to me to be able to keep the prices of my journals at a reasonable price. This paper fits the bill on all counts and it is recycled! This is the paper I've chosen for my personal journal. I hope you'll give it a try. I think you'll really be amazed at how much you'll like it too!

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