About J.J. Boyles

I take leather, thread and paper and transform them. These new creations are not only useful; they compose an experience for the senses.

It’s the smell and feel of the leather, the scratch of your pen across the paper, that distinct creaking leather sound when you pull your iPad or tablet out of the case. All these elements combine to turn a routine act into something special that’s individual and just for you.
Writing and journaling becomes something to look forward to instead of a “should do” or a chore.
You know people will take a second glance when they see your iPad or tablet case. The traditional craftsmanship will make them wonder how you got something so old to go with such new technology.
Opening up your Kindle case, you’ll get a waft of that fresh leather smell that will remind you of libraries and old books; exactly like the experience of reading should be.
This is my joy. I delight in knowing that you or the recipient of your gift will get this experience when using these things I’ve built with my hands. My promise to you  is that you have my best work. The design, the quality of the materials, the craftsmanship used in construction all comes together in each piece with your satisfaction and pleasure in mind.

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