Thursday, May 03, 2012

What They're Really Saying

Someone who cares for you has just given you a gift. It might be for your Graduation, Father's Day, or even your Birthday.  Regardless of the occasion, your loved one has given you one of my leather journals for your gift. 

The card attached to the package might read:

Happy Birthday John,
Love, Grandma


Congratulations on your Graduation!
Best Wishes
Uncle Jerry and Aunt Judy

Or maybe even

Dear Susan,
We hope you have a wonderful time on your trip to Europe.
Here’s something to help you remember your journey.
Love, Mom and Dad
These thoughts and wishes may seem pretty straightforward. But when someone gives a journal to someone they care about, (you) quite often there’s more to it. They are saying something much more than the few words that will fit on the gift card.

Here’s what I think they’re really saying…

“I thought hard about the kind of gift I wanted to give you for this memorable day.  I wanted it to be special, and one you’ll treasure. There are so many choices out there, but then I remembered a gift I received once that’s been so important to me. It’s become such a part of me; I almost forgot that the first one I received was a gift.  I took my time choosing this one for you. I wanted something that was out of the ordinary and would have some meaning to you. I think I’ve found a good one, and hope you’ll like it too.”
They might be saying:

“I wanted to give you something that will last and keep on giving through the years.  This gift will be there for you in times of great joy and heartbreaking sadness.  Whenever you use it, you will feel a release, an accomplishment, or perhaps even receive an answer you’ve been looking for. 

This gift will outlast at least 10 cell phones, and any other gadgets you might receive. There is a lot of beauty in this simple gift.  You won’t have to use a training manual to figure out how to use it, and you don't have to worry about a charger, thank heavens! Eventually, as you use this, it will become uniquely yours and get better with age. We should all be so lucky!” 
From their true heart, this is what they’re really saying when they present you with your gift:

“You are extraordinary, not just to me, but to the world.  The things you have to say are important; MUCH MORE important than 140 characters, or a status update.  Write down your thoughts, dreams, and prayers.  Keep track of your day to day activities, even if you think they’re boring.  Put on paper the funny things you hear or the quotes you want to remember later.  Write about the cute things your kids say, because trust me, one day you’ll want to look back on those sweet memories.

This world needs people like you to record your history.  You may or may not become famous. You may soar to great achievements, or you might continue living a quiet life among your friends and family. Write with abandon, like no one will ever see your private thoughts. Or write with purpose, as if future generations will look to your thoughts for guidance and to know more about you. 

The true beauty of this gift is there isn’t just one way to use it. It will become whatever you want it to.  Maybe, one day, it will be so much a part of you that you’ll forget it was a gift.  I hope so.”

A journal is a very special gift to give for a memorable occasion or for no reason at all. And I’m always, always, always humbled and honored to make them for you.

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