Thursday, March 01, 2012

Leather Experiment

I made myself a new journal over the weekend. (I know, I know, like I really need another one)  But, I have a specific purpose in mind for this journal.
I've been seeing a lot of Natural Veg tan leather lately being used for all sorts of things.  I've used it before, lots of times myself.  One of the greatest features of this leather is the way it will change colors.  Over time, with exposure to light, and the oils of our hands, it's going to change to a beautiful shade of golden brown. The color will continue to darken as long as you use it.  

So I made this little pocket journal cover.  I'll take a new photo each week to show it's color morphing process.  I'll keep you updated on the progress!

And just for fun, I made a regular size one for the shop.  You can join me in the experiment and send me pictures.  I'll post your updates as well!

You can find this journal in my shop: Natural Leather Journal Cover at

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