Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy Holidays

"Unwrapping Christmas"
This is my annual Christmas painting. The original is 8" X 10" oil on panel. I usually paint something with more color but as soon as I found this ornament, I knew I had to paint it. The stark silver and white against the lights of our Christmas tree really appealed to me. I hope your holiday was a merry one and wish you a very Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mirror Image

Title: Mirror Image 6" X 6" Oil on Panel $100

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I enjoyed painting the pears I did a couple weeks ago and thought I'd do a couple more. I've often thought that "everyone paints pears" but now I see their appeal! The shape is very challenging and this color is really interesting too! I think I'll be revisiting this subject again. I really like to paint reflections too. It's always a challenge to make sure one looks like the reflection and the other looks like the real thing!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Blue Dolphins

Title: Blue Dolphins Size: 6" X 6" Oil on Panel Price: $100
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I am very fond of marbles, all different styles of them! I like how their shape and how they reflect and refract light. These are Blue Dolphin Marbles and when the light hits them just right, they show a depth that is fantastic!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

One More Studio Painting

Title: "Fun and Games" Oil on Panel 8 1/2" Round
Here is one more of the latest studio pieces. This originally had just one marble in the composition but after getting it blocked in I decided it needed another one. Thank goodness I finished this one before the pears went bad! There was a clock in this frame but I think the painting goes even better in it!

This painting can be seen at the CCA Gallery in Zionsville through January 2007

Monday, November 27, 2006

New Studio PaintingsIII

Title: "Tea With Lemon" Oil on Panel Size 5 1/2" Round

Here is another completed studio painting. It can be seen at the CCA Gallery until January 2007. I think this my favorite out of the bunch so far! As you can see, I have been working with new and exciting ways to frame these pieces. A few months ago I was looking for a way to bridge the gap between 2 dimensional art and 3 dimensional art. This is one of my solutions. Each painting is composed and designed to go into a particular vessell. I have a lot more of these kinds of paintings/frames coming in the next few months. So check back often!
I'd love to know what you think of these! Leave a comment or email me!

New Studio Paintings II

Title: "The Hidden Key" Oil on Panel Size: 6" X 24"

This is also a new studio painting just finished this week. It can be seen at the CCA Gallery through January 2007

New Studio Paintings

Title: "The Unlikely Heirloom" Oil on Panel

The following paintings are new studio paintings just finished this week. They will be able to be viewed at the CCA Gallery in Zionsville IN through January 2007.

I'd love to hear what you think of these! Leave me a comment or email me!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Afternoon Snack

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More green apples and another pitcher. This painting and the last one look great hanging together! This painting is 5"H X 7"W.

Green Apples with Pitcher

Click Here to purchase this painting. $100

This painting measures 5" X 7" and doesn't have a very clever title, I just couldn't think of one! You will soon see that green apples are one of my FAVORITE things to paint. Tomatoes are too but that's a whole other story!
I like the repetitive shape of the apple with the curves of the pitcher in this painting.

Orange Merry Belle


This painting is titled "Orange Merry Belle" and as you can tell I really liked the format of these peppers hanging from the ribbons! This one was especially fun because of the brightness of the orange pepper and the complimentary blue of the ribbon. They both reminded me of hanging bells and they are "bell peppers". That's how the names came about!
This painting and the "Yellow Merry Belle are both 7"H X 5"W

Yellow Merry Belle


Introducing the first of many "Small Somethings"! These will be oil paintings ranging in size from
5" X 7" or 6" X 6" that can be viewed and purchased from this blog. If you like these paintings let me know by checking out my website, If you would like to purhase any of these paintings please email me and I'll be glad to get it right out to you!

This painting is titled, "Yellow Merry Belle" and measures 5" X 7". It is a finished painting on a hardboard panel.

As you'll come to see, I enjoy putting elements together that have different shapes, textures and colors. It is always a challenge to show the difference in these elements and yet have them be unfied in the painting.

Friday, October 06, 2006