Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Workshop

As you stand in the entryway of our home, you can tell right away this is no ordinary house in the suburbs of Indianapolis.  The enticing smell of leather, waxes and oils lingers in the air as you walk into the open living space.  The walls are lined with stacks of paper and rolls of leather, along with assorted machines and tools.  In the center of it all is the workbench.  Everything needed to craft our leather journals and accessories is within arms reach.

The sounds have become familiar to all of us. The kids hardly bat an eye when the sewing machine is clacking at a furious pace, or the hammering sounds of punching holes is non stop. The volume of the television and conversations ebbs and flows with the noise from the workspace. I never hesitate to pound or stitch into the early hours of the morning. No one wakes up, not even the dogs.  They've all grown accustomed to the sounds of "home".

This is the center; the hub of our family business and our home. In the last few months we've been considering moving the workshop to a different location. To take more of our living space back, work normal hours and be able to entertain again without putting everything away.  The decision, made by a family vote, was to stay put for now.  Each member of our family plays a vital role in the running of this shop.  Even teenage friends that stop by will lend a hand if asked.  This place works for us. Here in the suburbs of Indianapolis we have the very definition of a comfortable working home.

In the next week we'll be releasing a whole new line of leather accessories. We've worked hard all summer to get them ready to show you.  Today the final preparations are being made. We hope you'll join us this week each day for a close up look at each item. We think you'll be glad you visited.

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