Monday, September 27, 2010

Leather iPhone Cases

Summers were spent at the baseball diamond when I was young.  My brother played on any and all the baseball teams he could.  As a dutiful, loyal sister I went along to cheer him on. The fact that there were a LOT of cute boys at the same place certainly made it more appealing. 

In early June of this year I saw a beautiful, simple painting of a baseball. Waves of nostalgia hit me and I began to wonder if I could incorporate this feeling into some of my work.  The baseball itself is the key, or more specifically, it's the stitch.

After much practice and trial and error, I learned to make this intricate baseball stitch. Visions of a new line of leather cases featuring this stitch began to take shape.  Several different prototypes were made before settling on the final designs.  The first case to be introduced is the iPhone case! 
First an admission.  Up until a couple of months ago I didn't carry my cell phone in any kind of case.  There is a pocket just right for a phone in my purse so I didn't think I needed a case.  But once I completed the first prototype for this cell phone case, I started using it.  When I started hearing comments like, "Wow, where did you get that?" and "That is so cool!" I knew this was the right design.  These cases are built to fit the iPhone 4 and 3 and most other types of cell phones.  They will also hold your iPod Touch. 
These leather cases use premium veg tan leather substantial enough to have a lot of body, but not too thick that it won't bend and shape. They are hand rubbed with the favorite Antique Patinas in Tan, Saddle Tan, Brown and Mahogany.  The Antique rubs give the cases a used, worn look as well as bring out all the grains in the leather.

The cases are cut from one single piece of leather, making them very sturdy.  The protective flap slides into the strap closure keeping your phone safely inside.  This closure will be tight at first, but will loosen up just the right amount with use. Just like a new pair of quality leather boots or shoes.  Monogramming is centered on the bottom portion of the flap and at no extra charge!
The last detail to be added to this case is the little thumb notch on the inside.  When my phone would ring I was having a little trouble pulling it out of the case in time to get the call.  This notch solved the problem.
The real star of the case is the baseball stitch. Strong, sturdy braided cord is woven in and out of the hand punched holes to create the well known stitch up the sides of the case. 
 You can see these leather iPhone cases in my Etsy Shop, or on my Website.  I hope you'll take a look! 
As the week progress more leather cases with this look will be released.  Stay tuned!


Kreativlink said...

Gorgeous! Love them, and I'm usually not easy to impress! :)

iPhone Cases said...

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