Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thoughts on Writing AND a Big Announcement

Can you see it on people's faces? -Stress- As I go about my daily errands, I'm keenly aware that the facial expressions on the people around me have changed recently. Furrowed lines on brows and foreheads reflect worry or concentration and there just aren't as many folks smiling as before. You can even see it on my face as I go through the grocery store with my carefully prepared list. Oh, I start out pretty friendly looking, but as I go through aisle after aisle adding up my items on my phone calculator, I know my demeanor gets more somber.

The fact is that we just can't ignore what is happening in our country. It's all around us. I truly think that for the most part, we try to stay positive and hopeful. But, when we have a friend, loved one, or even ourselves out of work, or afraid of losing our jobs or home, the stress will eventually take it's toll.

As I was thinking about all of this last week, it occurred to me that during difficult times in my life, it has always helped me to write about it. Whenever I've had a problem in my life, like most people, I go through many ways of trying to deal with it. I'll mull it over in my mind for days, talk about it with my friends -ad nauseum- and even play out solution scenarios in my mind. When I finally get desperate enough, I'll go to my journal and Write It Down! This always helps! Usually this simple act helps so much, the anger/ worry/ intensity of the problem will seem a lot easier to deal with. It helps to clear my mind and set a course of action.

I began doing some research and found some really interesting articles on the advantages of journaling. Over the next few days I would like to share with you some of the things I've learned.

I've also been thinking that there must be something I can do to ease some of this pressure even if it's in my own small way! I started digging around in my supplies, made some sketches, did some calculations and came up with something pretty special!

A couple of months ago I got a great deal on some very nice black leather. I've been kind of holding it back for a time when it was really needed, and now is that time! I've designed and made a limited number of this lovely black journal and will be offering them at a very special price while they last. I used the whole hide of leather so there are about 13 black ones, and I threw in a couple of burgundy leather ones that I will have for sale. I am going to be offering them for sale in my Etsy shop beginning Monday, March 9 at 9:00 AM, and will be selling them for $20.00 each. After those are gone, I will be using this design in other leathers like the latigo and dyed leather, but they will sell for $31. so this is a significant savings.

The journal is made of Black, premium grade, thick utility leather and has a wonderful feel to it. I've filled it with 240 pages of a nice weight brown Kraft paper. If you haven't written on Kraft paper, you really should try it. . . it's great! There is a self attached wrap piece that comes around to the front of the journal and is held together with an antique brass snap. The leather cover and wrap around is all one piece which will make it durable and help protect the pages. The size is approximately 6" x 4" x 1 1/2" thick. It really is a great journal, and I've been so excited making them all week, and also so glad that I can offer them to you at this really good price!

BUT WAIT! There's more! I've got a little bit more to add to this special event, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see it! I'm going to keep you in suspense! In the meantime, take a look at some of the other views of this great journal!

Until tomorrow!

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