Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dear Winter

Dear Winter,

I just don't know quite how to say this without hurting your feelings. We have really enjoyed each other the last few months. The hushed quiet when your fresh snow is falling, your howling winds outside when I'm all cozy and warm inside the house, even the 12" of snow you graced us with last month, all were quite wonderful. But I'm afraid now, dear winter, it's time for you to move on. As much as I have admired you, I am now growing weary of your presence.

It's not you, it's me. . . . I would really like to be outside more, and to be frank, I'm getting tired of my winter coat and having to wear the big, bulky thing all the time! Oh, it was quite charming when we were anticipating your arrival in November, getting all the coats, mittens and boots together, ready for your first big blast. But now, sadly, the mittens have been mismatched, the hats have mostly been lost and the boots outgrown. We're just trying to make it through until you depart.

We are ready for warm air, going for walks without fear of frostbite, and the joy of not having to warm up the cars on those frosty mornings. We are ready for this

Early spring Crocus's popping up through the frozen ground, and the buds on the trees are just waiting to show us what they've been doing while you were here.

So, my dear winter, it is time for you to go. Don't be sad, for I know we will look forward to you arriving as the holidays are approaching. Your wind and snow will be welcome then once again. But until then we REALLY would like to wish you . . . . Farewell!

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