Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Spring Collection 2011


Even though there are a few more pieces to be added, our new Spring Collection 2011 is ready to be released!  I've worked and waited all winter to show you these new pieces.

First, we have "shoes" for your iPad!

The idea for these designs came to me during the busy holiday season last year.  After the holidays, I did a lot of research and looked at A LOT of men's shoes.  The Penny Loafer, The Kilt Flap, and the Wingtip are the final results.  The Saddle Shoe will be the final design in this series and is on its way soon.

I'm very fond of this design, not just because of the unique added "shoe" pieces but the basic flap style and hidden closure is like a blank palette for me. It leaves an open space for all kinds of new and interesting options.  The hidden closure is a small strap and keeper just under the flap.  

The hidden closure is also featured in this Riveted design.

These iPad cases feature a flap that is a little longer and 3 antique nickel rivets.  Just the right amount of spark!

Our signature Baseball Stitch pieces are the highlight of this Springs new looks.
I took the two most popular elements of all my iPad Cases and teamed them up.  The button closure is so classic for iPad cases, and finishes this look beautifully. There's also an iPhone case!
A Baseball Stitch Kindle Case
And one more leather iPad Case with a Baseball Stitch feature on the back side rounds out this series.
I'm really excited about this Spring Collection.  All the iPad cases fit the iPad2 -with or without the Smart Case-  and the original iPad. These photos all show a baseball red thread, but are also available with Brown Thread.  Expect to see these popular cases for more platforms like the Macbook Air, and Macbook Pro.  Those are coming very soon as in the next few weeks!

But the biggest news of all is..........
you'll have to check back in tomorrow!



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