Friday, January 30, 2009

Meet Max

Meet Max, or as I affectionately call him "Big Black"! I caught him this morning in a rare moment of peace and just had to snap some pictures of him.

We got him a year ago on Benjamin's birthday, but make no mistake, he's MY dog! Oh the kids will each tell you that he loves them more, but I know different. Wherever I am, there he is. With the exception of my work studio, he's not allowed in there, but sits outside of my door waiting for me to come out! When I do emerge, he sits on my feet so I won't move to far away. We also have two other dogs, Mary Lou and Molly but Max is the baby of the bunch!
Our days are filled with, well you know. . . outside, inside, eat, play, sleep for hours, outside. . . and on and on it goes.

Pets add another dimension to our lives. Unconditional love and all that. I especially appreciate them because I don't have to get them up and remind them fifteen times to brush their teeth, help them with their homework, or worry about what kind of adult they'll be. And most importantly, they don't talk back to me! Ha! What a blessing! Max has an affinity for chewing up any kind of paper he can find, (a great hazard for someone that works with journals!) even school books, much to my dismay! We love him anyway! How could we resist this face??

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