Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So you have a journal, now what?

New Red Suede journal just listed at my etsy shop today!

Some of you are faithful journal writers and have a regular routine with when and what you write. But for those of you that have a blank journal or are thinking about getting one, this is for you! Since I began making these journals I've had lots of questions and comments like, "I don't journal," or "My days aren't very exciting and wouldn't make interesting reading for anyone."

Here are just a few ideas on what to write in your journal.

1. A Scripture Journal- I don't do this yet but it's on my to do list. Take any scripture from the bible and write about it. Write your interpretations, and questions. You can explore your feelings about these scriptures and your knowledge and faith will grow.

2. Thoughts on things you've seen- Write about something you've seen recently and the thoughts you had while experiencing it. For instance, maybe you saw something on Oprah yesterday and it impacted you in some way. Write about it! Or what if you overheard a wonderful or even disturbing conversation while shopping at the grocery. Get it down on paper and write how you reacted or wish you would have reacted.

3. Use a photo- Maybe you have a favorite photo that makes you feel all warm inside. Take that photo, put it in your journal and write about it. I recently did this with the photo of my kids. (see entry below from Mother's Day) It could be a photo from your childhood or even a family picture. If you decide to use a photo, make sure to add some writing on the page. This will add meaning to your entry and it will be great to look back on!

These are just a few ideas. I'm going to be adding more each week. If you have other journaling ideas I'd love to hear them!

Happy writing,


Anonymous said...

I love the new background and colors on your website! Great new look!


Jen said...

Hello from a fellow IN Crowd member! Just wanted to say that I love your journals :)